Beauty saloon

Beauty with pleasure

Give a little time to your beauty, because it is the love of self. Furthermore, in Retro Riverside Beauty Salon it is also a great pleasure.


PARAFFIN GLOVES - Paraffin wrap of hands with relaxing, rejuvenating effects. 20 min. 300,- CZK
MANICURE - Spa treatment of nails and hands. 60 min. 800,- CZK
PEDICURE - Spa treatment of nails and soles of feet. 60 min. 1.200,- CZK
CLASSIC POLISH - base coat, nail polish, top coat 15 min. 350,- CZK
SHELLAC - Strengthening and long-lasting nail polish. 15 min. 1400,- CZK


DEEP CLEARING - Sensitive cosmetic treatment that deep cleanses, has astringent effects on the pores, and harmonises oily skin. 60 min. 1.975,- CZK
DEEP HYDRATION - Deep skin hydration – provides 24 hour hydration to your skin. 60 min. 1.600,- CZK
REJUVENATION - Renews fullness and elasticity of your skin, reducing wrinkles already after the first treatment. 60 min. 2.890,- CZK
ANTIOXIDANT VITAMIN PROCEDURE - Protects skin from the effects of oxidation, compensates existing damage, and provides deep nourishment to the skin. 60 min. 1.600,- CZK
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