Svatošské skály - Granite rock town

Explore the nature beauty on foot or on bike.

The granite rock town was created by the Ohře River forcing its way through the Karlovy Vary granite massif between Loket and Doubí, forming a deep canyon. On the left bank of the river a high granite wall appeared. In the course of time, the rock groups split into massive rock pillars and pinnacles due to gradual wind, rain and frost erosion.

How to get there


The romantic valley is only accessible on foot, by bike or canoe. Marked tourist routes of the surrounding wooded hills start in Loket, Doubí near Karlovy Vary and Cihelny. The National Natural Monument is part of a 10 kilometre long trail running from Doubí to the Svatoš Rocks with 12 stops offering various information from geology, archaeology, history and botany.


The rock town lies on the cycle path that runs from Karlovy Vary to Loket. It is part of the backbone cycling route No. 204. Nearby the rocks, there are two popular restaurants for excursionists to be found, along with a footbridge across the Ohře River known as the "swing bridge". The Svatoš Rocks offer ideal conditions for climbing.


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